Unlock Recruiter Potential!

Use cutting-edge voice analytics to gain a competitive edge and maximise your recruiters' output!

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Unlock your Recruiters!

Squire analyses your candidate’s calls to ensure every valuable insight and nugget is captured and correctly stored in your Applicant Tracking System. 

Empower your recruiters to do more and to provide a better service to your candidates and your clients! Align your recruiters on what information is being gathered on screening calls and ensure that your whole organisation is operating like a well-oiled machine! 

Voice Analytics for Recruiters

Equip your recruiters with Squire so that each and every one of the calls they make drives business! 

1 in 100 recruiters will take the time to create a comprehensive candidate record for someone who doesn’t fit the jobs they’re actively filling. But if they’re good enough for the recruiter to bother with in the first place, then they’ll get placed somewhere. So they should be in your ATS, being found for other, more suitable roles. 

Squire removes the administrative burden from your recruiters, extracts all relevant data from a recruiter-candidate call and updates your ATS in a matter of seconds!

Stop relying on over-worked recruiters to do admin, it’s not their job and frankly, they’re not good at it! 


Squire requires two types of integrations – first with the telephone system you use, whether that’s a recruitment-specific VOIP system like Cloudcall or simply MS Teams, we’re integrated. 

Secondly, Squire needs to connect with your ATS so that it can quickly and easily create and update candidate records. Bullhorn, Talisman, Tracker, Vincere, etc etc. 

Get in touch to discuss your needs. 

Actionable Analytics Built In.

Foundational extraction comes as standard - rate, location, availability and so on. All the things that recruiters are trained to ask for but, let's face, may forget to track as meticulously as we might like!

Additional extractions such as unique identifiers, technologies and languages, sector and job-type specific experiences can all be customised for your organisation.

Squire Web Application