We spent years analysing the tech ecosystem for staffing and recruiting executives, examining how these companies work in order to develop solutions that drive efficiencies, reduce costs, improve experiences and open up new revenue streams.

Staffing agencies and recruitment companies are constantly squeezed on margin so we developed a solution that allows you to differentiate yourself, provide a better service to your clients and workers and most importantly, scale your operation without inflating your headcount.

Which lead us to

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Olas’ Vision is to Unlock the Value of Communication


Recruiters and HR professionals have the tools, technologies and techniques to live meaningful and impactful lives, professionally and personally.

Be Courageous

Making that sales call, posting that report, presenting to that large company or investor, pointing out an issue or a mistake, can be daunting tasks and require us to step up and face them head-on. Be Courageous.

Be Thorough

People make mistakes. That happens. When things run smoothly, when everything and everyone gels, we can focus on having more fun and really enjoying the adventure. So we strive to make as few mistakes as possible and create a seamless process in everything that we do. Be Thorough.


Create Together

If an idea is worth pursuing, we will pursue it. But in our experience, great ideas rarely come from one person. More often, one person has a seed, and others feed it with their own experiences and creativity. Share ideas. Create Together.

Be Real

Business is all about people and that is especially true in the staffing and recruitment world. By bringing our real selves to work, we encourage each other to be authentically real. Be Real.

Be Mindful

It is very easy to get caught up in doing work for the sake of doing work. We need to know where we are going, and what we are trying to achieve, in order to actually achieve important goals. Take your time, plan your actions with the big picture in mind. Be Mindful.