Your Candidate Database: Friend or Foe?


How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose. Bill Gates A Source of Semi-Truths? It’s no secret that a huge portion of the value every agency provides to their clients is stored in their ATS; how many candidates they can give clients access to, and how fast. It’s the […]

Growth Mode in 2022 – The Importance Of Creating A Lean Process In Recruitment

Recruitment Operations

Growth Mode in 2022 – The Importance Of Creating A Lean Process In Recruitment Imagine you were a one-person recruitment agency. The mix of your unique understanding of your market, your clients’ needs, your network, and your ability to do the dirty work in the trenches constitute your intellectual property. Build that out, and you […]

The 4 Most Common Issues with Poor Contractor Engagement

Contractor Engagement

The 4 Most Common Issues With Poor Contractor Engagement Recruitment is a fascinating industry. We get to sneak a peek at all aspects of the economy through the recruitment companies that we work with. Each of our clients is unique. Yet all businesses that source, screen, and place candidates have something in common. How you […]

Who Measures What?

A few weeks ago, I was talking to the owner of a digital marketing agency and the conversation turned to tools for tracking and measuring digital marketing efforts and staffing KPIs. Measuring marketing activities used to be a roll of the dice but with modern tools, a digital marketing agency can measure a whole range […]