Unlock Recruiter Potential with Squire!

Squire’s conversational intelligence equips recruiters to place more candidates. By capturing every call your recruiters make, and analysing and extracting the right information, recruitment leaders know that the data going into their ATS is as accurate as possible and that their consultants are having the right conversations. 


Increase Recruiter Capacity

If you’ve ever worked a desk, you know that there are always 101 things going on.  

Squire lets your recruiters focus on the candidate, on making that connection and making a placement, rather than taking notes and playing admin!

Woman on the phone

Accurate and Valuable Info in Your ATS

Even the best-trained consultants miss things on a call. That’s life. 

With Squire, everything discussed is captured, your recruiter adds their own insight, their take on the candidate and they have the final say on what is added to your ATS – ensuring that the piece of kit that you pay a lot of money for is actually usable and valuable! 

Man planning with whiteboard

Reduce Recruiter's Mental Load

No more – “oh f*$k, I meant to call that guy back” or “I said I’d send him the job description and some notes so he could prepare and it slipped my mind!” 

Recruiters are people-people, they are brilliant at connecting with a candidate and drawing out real experiences. they are not so good at keeping track of everything they need to do.

So let Squire do it instead. 

A recruiter talking to a candidate on the phone

Capture Value in Every Interaction

Even if a candidate isn’t suitable for a role right now, they will likely be in the future. But you need to capture their info right now (and not just on a piece of paper) otherwise that 10-minute call is simply a waste of everyone’s time. 

Let Squire do the work for your recruiters!

Calls Transcribed

Squire integrates with a range of VOIP providers to capture and transcribe all recruiters calls at the point of engagement

Key Data Extracted

Squire's standard models are trained to extract key foundational data such as rate, location, visa and availability with other unique rapport and business building extractions available too

Present real insights to your recruiters, allowing them to perform faster and make more placements than ever before.

Data Presented to Recruiter

Your recruiters can view the transcripts of their calls, the extracted info, edit and add their own notes, ensuring they remain in control of the data flow

Create / Update Candidate Records in Seconds

With integrations into many leading CRM/ATS, recruiters can create or update a candidate's record with one click!

Rest easy in the knowledge that your data is safe with Squire.

We take Data Security seriously!

The only data more sensitive than employment data is medical data. Squire is engineered to provide enterprise-grade security and compliance while ensuring you maintain control over your data.

Review our privacy policy and data protection policies and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.